Overwatch Director References Junker Queen in Yule Log 2019

Jeff Kaplan asks if she would be a Tank or Damage dealer.

Overwatch Tracer

It’s the Christmas season so naturally, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan hosted another Yule Log stream for fans to hangout. There’s not much conversation per say (unless Kaplan sitting in a chair, unblinking, really speaks to you) but there were some interesting moments. For instance, the Junker Queen was mentioned at one point.

You can check out the moment in question here. The Junker Queen is the ruler of Junker Town, which is where Roadhog and Junkrat hail from. She’s a ruthless sort and while there have been teases in the past, nothing concrete has been announced. In the Yule Log stream, Kaplan simply asked if she would be a Tank or Damage hero.

Of course, given that Overwatch 2 is in development and a good chunk of resources are being devoted to that, it remains to be seen if the Queen makes it to the current game. We’ll have to find out in the new year. In the meantime, you can check out the entire Yule Log 2019 stream below.

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