Persona 5 Royal Might Be Headed To PC, As Per Retailer Listing [UPDATE: Listing Was An Error]

UPDATE: Sega have stated that the listing was made in error.

Persona 5 Royal

UPDATE: It seems the listing was made in error. Sega provided the following statement to PC Gamer regarding the same: “That listing is an error and we’re looking into having it taken down and how it happened.”

Original story follows:

Though we do occasionally see Persona spinoffs on Nintendo platforms, for years, the mainline Persona series has been exclusive to the PlayStation brand. However, as per a retailer leak, that might be about to change soon. Amazon France have put up a listing for the recently released Persona 5 Royal on PC- they might take the listing down soon, so you can take a look at a screenshot below.

Releasing Persona 5 Royal on PC would make a lot of sense for Atlus, seeing as releasing the game exclusively on a platform that will soon be outdated isn’t exactly a smart business decision- not to mention the fact that a great many more people would get to play the spectacular RPG for the first time as well. If this turns out to be correct, this would also make it the first Persona game (since the very first game in the series) to release on PC (or any non-PlayStation platform, for that matter).

This also isn’t the only PS4 exclusive’s possible PC release Amazon France have outed. Recently, they also put up a listing for Days Gone on PC- read more on that through here.