Persona 5 Scramble Shows Off Newest Phantom Thief, Wolf

The burly new fighter goes into battle with a sawed off shotgun and a sword.


One thing about the various spin offs and re-releases that the Persona titles get is they always introduce new characters. Persona 5 Scramble is no different and will feature some new ranks into the Phantom Thieves (if you forgot about the original crew, here’s a refresher). We already had one addition to the team with Sophia, which you can see more about through here. Today we got a look at the second in a very different looking character.

The second new playable Phantom Thief is Wolf. Zenkichi Hasegawa is his real name. One thing that’s striking about Wolf is he looks quite different than the other Thieves, particularly in his burly, stout build. He seems to be an adult, or at least older than the high school age of the other characters, which is an interesting dynamic. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Wolf, but this is the first he’s been highlighted as playable. He goes into battle with a long sword and sawed off shotguns, with his persona named Parjan. Check it out below.

Persona 5 Scramble will launch sometime in 2020 in the west for PlayStation 4 and Switch. You can get an overview of the game’s combat through here.

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