Planet Zoo dev Frontier has a new publishing label: Frontier Foundry

This week British game studio Frontier Developments launched its first third-party publishing label, Frontier Foundry, with the promise of already having signed five games to the label over the last year.

This is a significant move for the 25-year-old company, though not an entirely unexpected one; last summer Frontier signed its first third-party publishing deal with Tropico developer Haemimont Games for an unannounced game, which it now confirms is one of the 5 that will be published by Frontier Foundry.

Two of the others were revealed today alongside Frontier Foundry: Chasing Rats Games’ co-op platformer Struggling, which launched this week, and Ratloop Games Canada’s Lemnis Gate, a multiplayer FPS with a unique time loop mechanic expected to launch in early 2021.