Planet Zoo’s first DLC pack adds arctic animals and snow this week

Planet Zoo’s first piece of paid DLC launches this week, and it’ll add four new animals, two new scenarios, and tons more stuff to place into your animal habitats. The DLC comes out alongside a raft of new features and improvements for existing Planet Zoo players, regardless of whether they purchase the new content pack.

First off, the important news: the new animals. The Arctic Pack adds the arctic wolf (which hunts in packs, as it happens), the polar bear, the reindeer, and the Dall sheep. I had to look up Dall sheep and it turns out they’re much tougher-looking than normal sheep, and they have a pair of heavy metal-looking horns. These are sheep that could beat someone up.

The new scenarios include two new biomes: Tundra features mountains and snow, while the desert is based in Mexico and features an arid, hot climate you’d expect in the desert. Both new scenarios, Frontier says, are arctic themed and challenge players to expand existing zoos while making sure the existing facilities and animals stay well cared-for.