Project G.G. Planned for All Current-Gen Consoles, Not Releasing Soon

PlatinumGames also talks about potential releases for Xbox Series X and PS5.

Project G.G.

PlatinumGames has been making some pretty big moves lately, launching a Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered (which has grossed over $1.850 million so far) and plans to open a new studio in Tokyo. It also revealed Project G.G., the third title in Hideki Kamiya’s superhero trilogy. The recent teaser showcased an Ultraman-like figure battling a giant monster.

Speaking to IGN, director Hideki Kamiya explained why a giant hero premise was chosen and how it will differ from previous games. “We have labelled it as being part of the Hideki Kamiya hero trilogy. The first two titles being Viewtiful Joe, which is a solo hero story, and The Wonderful 101, which is a story of a group of heroes. In Japan, the next type of hero would be the giant hero, and I’ve always wanted to make a game based on that idea.”

“But while Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101 were pure action games, this will not be like that. Any game I make will of course include carefully crafted action elements, but this won’t be simply an action game. There will be much more to it than that.”

While the tokukatsu and kaiju genres are well-known, Kamiya notes that Project G.G. won’t necessarily be restricted to the same. “[I]t won’t be a very niche kind of game; giant hero stories are popular in Japan, with things like Ultraman, and the game will have that kind of flavor to it, but I don’t want to restrict myself to the Japanese hero genre. So the setting will probably not be Japan, as that might be restrictive. But I haven’t decided yet.”

Platinum’s chief creative officer Atsushi Inaba talked a bit more about which platforms the game would release for. All current-gen consoles are on the menu at this time. “Basically we’d like to hit PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam, and then of course PS5 and Series X are coming soon. We don’t know exactly when this will come out, but we’d like to release it on whatever are the main platforms at that time.”

And while Project G.G. won’t take as long as three years to release, it won’t “as soon as half a year or a year. But as our first self-owned and self-published game, we want to deliver it as soon as we can.” Kamiya noted that he’s not interested in a quick release either. “Hey, I don’t have any desire to release games quickly! My only desire is to release games that are good.”

Stay tuned for more details on Project G.G. in the meantime. The PS5 and Xbox Series X slated to release this holiday season.