PS5, Xbox Series X GPUs Will Be Great for Some Devs, But “The Majority” Won’t Use It to Its Fullest, Says Developer

CBE Software Jan Kavan doesn’t expect too many developers to push next-gen hardware to its limits.

ps5 xbox series x

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are both shaping up to be impressive pieces of machinery, and it’s clear that both consoles are looking to be significant improvements over their predecessors. That, of course, also comes with expected enhancements like a faster GPU, which the PS5 and Xbox Series X both promise, of course.

While there is a gap between the two on paper, it’s clear that developers are going to have a lot of juice to work with on both consoles- but exactly how many studios will be looking to fully leverage the faster GPUs of the PS5 and Xbox Series X? According to Jan Kavan, CEO of CBE Software – developers of the recently released horror game Someday You’ll Return – not many.

Speaking to GamingBolt in a recent interview, Kavan said that though the faster hardware of both consoles is something that some big AAA studios – such as Naughty Dog, for instance – will make use of, the majority of the developers in the industry probably won’t be pushing the hardware to its limits in that manner.

“Outside of AAA, not much,” he said, when asked about how much impact he thinks the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s faster GPUs will have on development. “Watching the reveals, I didn’t even see that many games utilizing resources we already have now. So there will be a few boundary pushing companies, like for example Naughty Dog, but the majority will have just a comfort of very fast systems.”

Almost as a rule, developers – especially third party studios – rarely get the most out of new hardware in the early years of a console generation. The fact that many publishers and developers are going to choose to release their games as cross-gen titles for some time to come will probably contribute to that as well. If next-gen follows the pattern of this one – and previous ones – hopefully we’ll see third party games beginning to work wonders with the new consoles a couple or so years into the generation.

CBE Software’s Someday You’ll Return is out now on PC, and will launch for PS4 and Xbox One later this year. In this same interview, Kavan also spoke to us about the Xbox Series X’s Velocity Architecture, and how he thinks it will help open world games. Read more on that through here. Meanwhile, our full interview with Kavan will be live soon, so stay tuned for that.