Rainbow Six Siege Will Rework Tachanka And Map System In Upcoming Season – Rumor

One of the weakest Operators is allegedly due to get a big upgrade.

Rainbow Six Siege

When Rainbow Six Siege launched, no one probably expected it to the be what it is today. It’s been one of the prime examples of what a live service game can be when properly done with some of the best and most consistent updates of anything else out there. While the game’s core team is moving on to a new project, Siege isn’t stopping, and a new rumor seems to suggest an old part of the title is getting some new touch ups.

According to ResetERA poster Kormora the upcoming first season of Year 5 will see a reworking of the often marginalized Tachanka. The character has often been considered fairly useless, with a powerful main weapon but with an inability to use it to much effect. Kormora says that the main weapon will be changed to both his LMG and “some sort of incendiary thing.” Whether that’ll make ol’ Tachanka viable or not is anyone’s guess, but at least he’ll get a fresh coat of paint. They also say map bans will be coming, where players can pick and ban maps similar to characters. For reference, Kormora has leaked a lot of Siege information before release, leading credibility to this rumor.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.