Report: China to further regulate online games and streaming to curb addition

Regulators in China intend to further scrutinize the impact games and online content can have on mental health in a bid to protect young people. 

As reported by Technode, China’s State Council has unveiled a new plan that will, among other things, look to curb gaming additions in minors. 

A translated press release claims gaming addition has become a “public health problem related to the future of the country,” and must be addressed as part of the regions “Healthy China 2030” initiative. 

Although it’s unclear how the Chinese government will tackle the issue, the press releases suggests online games, live streaming, short videos, and educational apps will all be targets for further regulation. 

It’s a move that could mean developers will soon have even more hoops to jump through if they want to release video games in the famously lucrative region, and one that comes shortly after regulators in the country spent months tightening up the game approvals process after a nine-month freeze.