Report: COVID-19 could delay Amazon’s cloud-based gaming platform into 2021

Newsbrief: Amazon has its own take on a Google Stadia-like cloud-based game service in the works, currently code named Project Tempo, but sources speaking to the New York Times say COVID-19 may keep it from going live this year as planned.

Like Stadia, GeForce Now, and other entries into the cloud-based gaming space, Amazon’s secretive Project Tempo would allow players to stream gameplay from a remote datacenter directly to their local machines, though Amazon has yet to share much about exactly what the service would offer. 

According to the NYT’s sources, the Project Tempo team had planned to debut an early version of the service in 2020, but unspecified coronavirus disruptions could push that release back into 2021.

That tidbit comes as part of a larger story the New York Times published on Amazon’s years-long game development dealings, and its upcoming releases like Crucible which have also seen a handful of recent delays due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.