Resident Evil 3 Demo Datamining Leaks New Game +, Unlockables, and More

Details on mechanics, story, and more have also been leaked.

resident evil 3

Developers rarely ever put out demos for their games these days, especially if the games in questions are major releases, and there’s one very obvious reason for that- datamining. There’s no shortage of games that have been spoiled big time due to data mining of their demos, but Capcom, bravely enough, does release demos for most of its major releases nonetheless. They recently did so with Resident Evil 3, and wouldn’t you know it- thanks to data mining, major spoilers for the game have emerged.

As compiled over at ResetEra, this covers everything from difficulty options to unlockable features and content to, of course, narrative spoilers. While we won’t be covering the latter here (as well as spoilers on major gameplay mechanics) for those of you who want to go into the game blind, the details on the game’s difficulty options and unlockable stuff are interesting.

Apparently, Resident Evil 3 has four difficulty options- Assist (which Capcom have already detailed themselves), Normal, Hard, and Super Hard. Super Hard, interestingly enough, not only makes resources scarcer and enemies harder, but also remixes enemy and item placement. There’s also apparently a New Game+, which is unlocked after you beat the game once. New Game+ supposedly changes up “several parts of the game” (though those parts remain unclear for now), while it also looks like this unlocks a new ending.

Speaking of unlocks, in true Resident Evil fashion, there also seem to be plenty of unlockables, including concept art, character models, costumes, and more. Jill seems to have four unlockable costumes, while Carlos, apparently, has two.

If you want more in-depth spoiler-y details on the game, head on over to the ResetEra post linked above.

Resident Evil 3 is out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3.