Resident Evil 3 Will Be More Action-Oriented Than Resident Evil 2 Remake

The two games will have a similar dynamic as the original releases.

resident evil 3 carlos

Resident Evil fans have been eating good over the last few years, though not flesh (or well, hopefully not flesh anyway). The course continues next year when the remake of Resident Evil 3 is set to drop. Much like the original, too, expect it to have just a tad more kick to it than its predecessor of Resident Evil 2.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Producers Masao Kawada and Peter J. Fabiano discussed several aspects of the game, which they say is now entering the final stages of development. One thing they confirmed was that the game would be more action-oriented than the remake of Resident Evil 2, but they hope to keep the same feel and charm of that remake as a call back to the original series (big thanks to DualShockers for translating and transcribing the interview). 

While it’s doubtful the game will go as far in the direction as some of the later games in the franchise, so I wouldn’t expect to suplex the Nemesis or anything, the original Resident Evil 3 definitely had a bit more of a kick to it so it fits well with recreating that game. We also know the game will be seeing some major changes to the cast and their roles as well, so it should be a title that’s both familiar and fresh when we revisit Raccoon City once again next year.