Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Delayed On PS4 And PC

No time frame for when to expect it to open up again.

resident evil resistance

When it comes to the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3, the attention is naturally on the single player campaign. The game will revisit the struggle of Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the doomed Raccoon City as she’s pursued by the iconic Nemesis. But there is a multiplayer mode attached to the release (and how they came to be attached is an interesting story in its own right), and today an open beta launched for those curious about it. Unfortunately, it seems to have hit a big snag.

The beta was meant to go live across all available platforms today, but those playing on PS4 and PC reported multiple issues, with many PS4 users reporting a complete inability to start a game. It seems whatever the problem was ended up being enough that Capcom had to shut the whole thing down. There’s also no time frame for when it will go live again. Oddly, though, everything seems to be working fine on the Xbox One version.

Resident Evil Resistance will launch on April 3rd as part of a package with Resident Evil 3. Hopefully, everything will be sorted by then.