Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14’s Epic Opening Cinematic Revealed

The newest entry in the strategy franchise gets the standard cool opening.


Last year we got the treat of seeing a new take on the Three Kingdoms saga. Koei Tecmo has had something of a monopoly on the story between their Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms titles, but Sega and Creative Assembly presented a new take with their Total War version of the epic Chinese novel. Now, though, Koei Tecmo is back with their fourteenth installment in their own strategy series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14, and we got a look at its opening sequence.

You can see the opening below. Those familiar with the games will recognize a lot of the key players in the epic story among all the flash and fun colors. Like all the previous games, however, the focus will be on the strategy and developing relationships.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 is slated to come to both PlayStation 4 and PC on February 28th. For a chat about the upcoming title, we got to sit down with Producer Kazuhiro Echigoya, which you can read through here.

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