Ruined King is a League of Legends RPG from Darksiders developers

Riot Games recently announced a “story-driven, single-player” League of Legends game will debut at The Game Awards. Sure enough, Riot’s revealed this new League of Legends spin-off game is Ruined King. It’s an RPG from Airship Syndicate – the studio made up of many former Darksiders devs, which also recently released the spinoff Darksiders Genesis.

There aren’t many details on the game yet, but it’s set after Burning Tides. Unlike its big MOBA sister game, it’s a single-player, turn-based RPG title that channels the pretty extensive lore of Runeterra and the Champions that dwell within it in a whole new direction.

Ruined King: A League of Legends story is the first of these new games set in LoL’s universe to be unveiled, following the developer’s announcement earlier this month that it had created Riot Forge – a new publishing label looking to team up with external partner studios to create “completable” League of Legends games.