Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Details Skills, Parrying, Weapon Switching, And More In Gameplay Videos


This week will end on a high note with the release of Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. The game is based on the cult classic animated series about a time displaced samurai who seeks a return to the past for the final battle with the wicked demon, Aku. The game is looking to be quite the action title, and we’ve got a couple of videos that show Jack has some moves.

We’ve seen some action-packed gameplay in the past, and now we get a little breakdown of how combat can flow. Via the game’s official Twitter, we have gotten a look at the various skills Jack has, as well as the weapons. Jack can switch between weapons, even crafting wicked combos between them if he can switch in time. You can also parry if you block at the right time, leaving enemies open for actions, as well as a counter that allows you hit hard if you block at the time. You can even cancel attacks into blocks with the right timing. Check all of that out, and more, below.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time will release August 21st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Apple Arcade.