Satisfactory devs finally give players what they want – pipes (also it’s coming to Steam)

Open-world factory builder Satisfactory is about to get Steamy. The simulation game launched in early access on the Epic Games Store last year and has been an exclusive on the platform ever since, but Coffee Stain studios has now announced it’s coming to Steam Early Access, too. Plus, there’s a huge new update going live today that brings “the single most requested feature” to the game.

As revealed in a press release, Satisfactory Update 3 adds pipes to the game, making “Pioneer pipe dreams a reality” – and adding a whole new level of complexity to grapple with and master. As of the update, you’ll now get to factor fluids and fluid oil resources into your game, as well as experiment with water extractors, pipes and flow indicators, pumps, and tanks to create an oil refinery for the very first time.

It also brings an all-new Resource Sink which helps you to keep production ticking along without interruption by exchanging excess inventory for coupons, which you can spend on goodies and resources for your factory. Plus, there’s a new transportation method called Hypertubes to try out and starting area to explore, known as the ‘Dune Desert’. The studio says this is “only for the most adventurous and brave space explorers”. Gulp.

But that’s not all – Coffee Stain has also announced that Update 3 will “completely revamp” Satisfactory with a “total rebalance of the game”. That means you can expect to see a load of technical fixes, improvements to balancing, as well as “optimisations to every aspect” of the factory building sim.

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There’s no Satisfactory Steam release date to mark on our calendars just yet, but the studio says it’ll be launching in Early Access on Valve’s platform “soon”.

In the meantime, you can grab it on the Epic Games Store, and check out our list of the best simulation games on PC if simming is your thing.