Steam Cloud Play integrates GeForce Now and game streaming “hosted by Valve”

Developers are starting to get access to Steam Cloud Play – a new feature Valve is working on that will directly integrate your Steam library into services like GeForce Now, allowing you to play the best PC games you already own wherever you want through the cloud. Documentation for the service also suggests that devs will be able to take advantage of cloud servers “hosted by Valve” itself.

For now, developers can opt in to Steam Cloud Play, and choose to “enable your game to run streamed from the cloud, hosted by Valve,” as well as additional service providers – currently, that’s just Nvidia’s GeForce Now. GFN already supports games in your Steam library, and it appears that this integration is just going to make the process more convenient for both players and developers.

The intriguing part is that service “hosted by Valve”. We’ve reached out to Valve for further details, but it sure sounds like the developer is working on its own cloud gaming option. You can already remotely access your games by connecting to your own machine through Steam Remote Play, but a proper cloud service would put the burden of running the game on Valve’s servers.

According to the documentation, Valve has no plans to sell games differently for cloud gaming. Developers will still be paid through traditional sales, as “Steam Cloud Play is simply giving Steam users more options on where and how to play their PC games. It is similar to how players play games from their Steam Library through the Steam Remote Play or on an additional computer.”

This all comes up after a Steam update added more support for cloud gaming services. Steam’s partner pages received similar updates suggesting preparation for cloud gaming back in November of 2019.