Steam servers are down and nobody knows why

If you’ve been having trouble logging into Steam today, you’re not alone. Steam’s having some serious server issues today, which have knocked out services worldwide, including both the web store and the desktop client. Downtime has been ongoing for the better part of an hour, and Valve has yet to confirm what’s happening.

The unofficial Steam Status tracker began reporting issues on Steam connection manager servers at 8:11 PST / 11:11 EST / 16:11 GMT on January 30. Those issues expanded to full-on downtime across most Steam services a few minutes later, and have taken effect worldwide. We’ve had issues in both our UK and US offices, and players in other regions have reported issues as well.

As it stands, access to the Steam client itself (and our game libraries) is back online, but the store, friends lists, and community site are all still offline. This follows a bit of unexpected Steam store downtime earlier this morning, several hours past Steam’s usual weekly maintenance downtime.

We’ve reached out to Valve for comment but, well… The official Valve website has also been down, so I’m not sure the company’s email servers are faring much better.

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