Stronghold: Warlords isn’t just about RTS combat, it’s about managing a feudal castle

The Stronghold series has always been about two things: Building big, impenetrable castles, and fielding armies to knock down your enemies’ castles. In a new video, Firefly Worlds demonstrates the improvements its making to the castle simulation side of Stronghold: Warlords, which moves the action to medieval Asia.

Firefly Worlds has reimplemented the ‘fear factor’ system fans may remember from the original Stronghold. Quite simply, this is a representation of your leadership style. Remind your peasants that you’re willing to do nasty things to them if they get lippy, and they’ll be more productive – although your demoralised soldiers won’t be as effective in battle if you push things too far. Conversely, you can encourage loyalty and love from your subjects by giving them tea houses and opera theatres – but you’ll see your productivity slip as peasants prefer recreation to working the fields.

Stronghold: Warlords is also introducing a new mechanic called ‘Spirit.’ Building temples around your estate boosts your popularity, and will remain in effect when luxury resources aren’t abundant.