Tell Me Why Explores Characters’ Backstories And Alaskan Setting In New Videos

Get familiar with the game before its official launch tomorrow.

Tell Me Why_02

This weekend is looking to be quite a big one for Microsoft’s Game Pass service, with one of the games in question being the first part of Tell Me Why. The game is from Dontnod and is a narrative adventure title in a similar vein to their acclaimed Life is Strange series. The game has a unique setting and set of characters, and today we got three different videos to highlight that.

The game takes place in a setting you don’t see too often: Alaska. The town is called Delos Crossing and is home to many indigenous tribes of the region, which the first video highlights. The second video breaks down the representation aspect of the game with one of the major protagonists, Tyler, who is transgender as well as Micheal, a queer man who belongs to the Tlingit tribe. And then finally, the third video focuses on the gameplay and how it webs out in what they call a “Rashomon effect” (after the famous Akira Kurosawa film), as you must chose whose memories of the twin main characters you can trust, and how the Book of Goblins, their prized childhood possession, will serve as the game’s main source of hints and lore.

Tell Me Why: Chapter One will launch tomorrow, August 27th, for Xbox One and PC. The game’s episodes will release on a weekly schedule afterward with chapter 2 coming September 3rd and the third, and final, episode on September 10th.

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