The Division 2 – Season One “Shadow Tide” Detailed in New Trailer

New targets, Global Events and Gear Sets can be earned over the next three months.

the division 2 warlords of new york

Done with hunting the Warlords of New York in The Division 2’s latest expansion? Don’t worry – there’s a new batch of planetary-themed rogue agents to deal with. “Shadow Tide”, the first season for looter shooter, is currently live and a new overview trailer outlines all the things you can expect over the next three months.

Rogue agent Neptune is currently available to hunt and a new target will be introduced every few weeks, culminating in the arrival of Jupiter, the prime target. Three Global Events are also set to take place – Polarity (March 24th to 30th), Reanimated (May 5th to 11th) and Guardians (May 26th to June 1st). Each event has its own set of modifiers that affect all activities and are a prime source for Gear Sets, at least in The Division 1.

Speaking of loot, you’ll have two new gear sets to chase – the returning Striker and the new System Corruption. A new Sticky Bomb EMP variant can also be earned along with the Coyote’s Mask Exotic which boosts critical hit chance and/or critical hit damage based on how far you are from the target. Stay tuned for more details as the season gets underway and check out our review for Warlords of New York here.

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