The Outer Worlds Had Non-Combat Flaws That Were Cut From Final Game

The flaw system was more in-depth earlier in development.

the outer worlds

The Outer Worlds gave us a good dose of some old school RPG when it released near the end of last year (and gauging by the sales of the game, it was something a lot of people wanted to get a dose of, for sure). The game was a straightforward title, more or less, but it had an interesting system with “Flaws” that the game would throw at you if you ended up getting in sticky situations more than once. This was restricted to combat-related flaws, such as getting hit by robots too much giving you an extra weakness to robots. But it seemed earlier in development, that system was a little more in-depth.

In an interview Gamasutra, the game’s Co-Director Tim Cain revealed that at one point the game also had non-combat flaws. One example he gave was for those who took a long time to chose dialogue options could get a flaw that would force you to chose options quicker or lose potential things to say.

“One of the flaws we wanted [in the game] was to be impulsive,” said Cain, “When dialogue options come up there would be a little timer. When it ticked down to five seconds one of the response options disappear, just greyed out. Then one after another five seconds until there was one option left.”

That option was cut as well as all other non-combat flaws. We know the game will get DLC sometime this year, so it’ll be interesting to see if they try to incorporate that post-launch or not. Even if they don’t, I’m sure a lot of people are ready to return to the space RPG either way.