The writing team for Voltage’s Lovestruck is on strike over pay, working conditions

The writing team for Voltage USA’s choice-driven mobile game Lovestruck has gone on strike after studio management both refused to recognize the Voltage Organized Workers (VOW) union and address their concerns about working conditions, transparency, and protections.

As we’ve seen in other industries, organizing can be a powerful force to ensure that staff is treated properly and given fair compensation. Though some have rallied behind cries for the game industry to unionize, it’s still an uphill struggle for organizations like VOW seeking to be recognized by management and have their demands for better working conditions heard. 

According to that statement, Lovestruck’s writing team is routinely given tight deadlines to produce new content for the game, and are paid less than half the industry standard rate while doing so. VOW is asking fans of the game not to boycott the game, but instead reach out to Voltage USA and ask they hear the union’s demands.

“We want to see our hard work and commitment to authentic storytelling given the value it deserves,” reads a statement from VOW.

“All of the Lovestruck writers are members of marginalized genders and/or sexualities. We have been given an invaluable foot in the door to the industry and a platform to tell stories that represent our voices, our passion, and our experiences. We are also all fans of the app, and we care deeply about the stories we tell. However, not only are we paid less than half the industry standard rate, we are asked to meet extremely tight deadlines and produce enormous amounts of content without protections or benefits.”