This Skyrim mod will have you dancing for joy

There’s no dancing around the subject, this Skyrim mod will allow you to waltz. Over the years there have been hundreds, if not thousands upon thousands of mods made by Skyrim fans, improving or adding their own flair to the game. In this case, you’ll now be able to dance the night away as much as your Dovahkiin’s heart desires.

This ‘Dovah-Waltz’, as creator Hoamaii calls it, is a mod that lets your character waltz lightly around the room. It’s probably one of the more graceful activities a Dovahkiin has ever done, and rather amusingly, there is a little bit of story included in its introduction.

Your Dovahkiin is, of course, more comfortable with a warhammer than anything else, however after noting that all the maidens are upset at the lack of activities to wear nice dresses for, you learn to dance. You’re a little clumsy and stiff, but the girls of Tamriel are just that little bit happier now. This may be among the best mods for Skyrim I’ve seen just on the entertainment value of the backstory alone. Having a little fun with a mod is what they’re really all about, so helmets off to Hoamaii.