Video Game Deep Cuts: The Animal Crossing Minutes

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[My Gamasutra colleagues had an editorial meeting in Animal Crossing – here’s evidence!]

We’re back again with Video Game Deep Cuts on Substack, folks. I got some good feedback on the revamped newsletter, so there’s going to be a couple of tweaks, hurrah.

Since I’m on sabbatical from the dayjob, I could actually make multiple of these ‘core’ free VGDC newsletters per week. But it’s a slippery slope timewise. So I’ll be keeping it to two newsletters per week (one for free, one for paid subscribers!) for now – enjoy!

– Simon, curator

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For those interested in a paid subscription to Video Game Deep Cuts, the latest bonus is the debut of our subscriber game club! First up is an analysis/giveaway of PS1-style horror game Night Of The Consumers.

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