Warframe cross-save is the top priority after Empyrean – “I wish we had it right now”

December 12, 2019 An earlier version of this story referred to Warframe cross-play – a representative got in touch to say the developers misheard the question as referring to cross-save. Cross-play is on the radar, but the devs are focused on cross-save.

Warframe is available across every major platform, but it hasn’t hopped on the cross-play train in the way that other multi-platform hits have – heck, Minecraft just closed the platform circle earlier this week. The developers at Digital Extremes want to at least make cross-save a reality, and it seems that this is the next big project after the Warframe Empyrean release date.

Cross-save is a top priority after Empyrean releases, as Digital Extremes’ Rebecca Ford says during a media Q&A. “If it’s not Railjack we’re working on, it’s definitely going to be [cross-save]. I wish we had it right now.” That’s definitely not a concrete roadmap toward cross-save, but it does suggest the devs are prioritising the feature.

Warframe offers some limited options to transfer characters between platforms, but that’s a long step away from cross-save. The possibilities of the feature are further limited by the fact that PC updates come much faster than their console counterparts. But with Warframe’s focus on PvE, if cross-save ever comes to cross-play we at least don’t have to worry about the competitive advantages of mouse and keyboard over controllers.