Watch EA’s Jim Vessella discuss the remastering of Command & Conquer

This month, EA rewarded some of its longtime real-time strategy fans with a remastered edition of the original Command & Conquer, as well as Command & Conquer Red Alert, with Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. The game comes with new sprites, remastered audio, and new support for online multiplayer. 

Over on the GDC Twitch channel today, C&C Remastered Lead Producer Jim Vessella dropped by to discuss the process of remastering the classic strategy game, and explain some of the key challenges that dogged EA, Petroglyph Games, and Lemon Sky Studios. In particular, Vessella discussed the process for creating new art assets, recovering as much of the old code as possible, working with the actors behind the old live-action segments, and the process of releasing the collection after a COVID-19-driven move to remote work. 

Vessella also explained some interesting hiccups that came with the remaster—like for instance, the need to rename some units that shared copywritten names with known military vehicles. You can hear that story, and many others, in the archived video above! 

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