Why Age of Wonders: Planetfall is moving further toward sandbox campaigns

As we established in an earlier story, Age of Wonders is a 4X series now. It’s official. But it wasn’t always so – the Paradox-published strategy series “started off as a war game with empire building,” according to game director Lennart Sas.

But Age of Wonders is one of the rare series that’s been going strong since the ’90s, and inevitably its scope has grown since then, folding in more 4X-like features. So now that the series has joined the ranks of Civilization, what has developer Triumph Studios learned about 4X?

“I think we’ve learned there’s a lot of value in people telling their own story in a 4X or grand strategy game, so it’s very important that we provide them the tools,” Sas says. “The Paradox motto is we provide the games and you tell the story, whereas the traditional war game – like Heroes of Might and Magic and classic Age of Wonders – was more about preset campaigns. Those are great for a lot of people, but they only tell one story.