Xbox Live References Being Changed To “Xbox Online Service” In Services Agreement Update

This comes as rumors swirl that paid online is going away on Xbox.


It was many moons ago that Microsoft popularized online play on consoles with the original Xbox, and they also introduced paid online. That’s something that the other two platform holders, Nintendo and Sony, have now adapted in their own ways. Which makes it ironic then with rumors flying around that could be changing soon, and a new update to the Services Agreement may very well be fueling the flame.

In a new list of updates to said agreement, there’s an interesting passage that says they are changing mentions of Xbox Live to “Xbox online service.” Mentions of Xbox Live have not been totally purged just yet (you can read the full agreement through here), but most likely will be with time. They also say they will no longer refer to specific Xbox consoles, such as the terms Xbox One and Xbox 360, instead grouping them into simply “Xbox console.”

It could mean nothing, but it’s interesting this comes as recent rumors have said that Microsoft is thinking of dropping Xbox Live Gold as well any online paid multiplayer. Considering that Microsoft was the one who introduced the concept, that will be interesting to see. We’ll keep you updated if more information becomes availabe.