Xbox narrows down Series X launch window to November 2020

Both Xbox and PlayStation have yet to actually disclose a set-in-stone launch date for their next generation consoles, but Xbox is inching ever-so-closer to doing so. 

The company officially announced today that the Xbox Series X will launch during the month of November, narrowing down its previously announced launch window of Holiday 2020 to a single month.

The timing of this particular update is interesting in its own right. By Xbox’s own admission, the announcement lines up with news that 343 Industry’s Halo Infinite has been delayed into 2021 and is no longer marked down as an Xbox Series X launch title. 

Xbox head Phil Spencer previously said that, hypothetically speaking, Microsoft wouldn’t delay the launch of its next-gen console if a flagship game like Halo were to be delayed. Today’s announcement looks to reassure the world that the console’s launch plans remain unchanged by Halo Infinite’s delay. 

The full blog post, found here, hypes up some of the other features and games offered by the Series X at launch and beyond, and leads with the idea that the Series X technically launches “with thousands of games spanning four generations” due to its previously-detailed backwards compatibility plans.