Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Supports “Tons of Games” Currently – Spencer

Phil Spencer did note, however, that “not all the games today are completely compatible.”

xbox series x

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been dropping some new information about Microsoft’s next-gen plans recently. This includes hopes to expand the brand in Japan to explaining the lack of Xbox Series X generation exclusives in the initial one to two years. However, Spencer also dropped some interesting news on backwards compatibility for the console in the same interview with GamerTag Radio.

Spencer noted that all Xbox One titles are expected to work along with Xbox 360 titles supported on that console. He’s also part of the process in working titles that will be backwards compatible on Series X, which means starting up a variety of titles. “I’m trying it. It’s in active development, sometimes it reboots. Not all the games today are completely compatible. We’re working through our list of approved games on it. You can see what I’m playing; there’s tons of games that work.”

Spencer also spoke a bit about the console’s UI, noting that, “It’s obviously quite a bit faster than the Xbox One. And even sometimes when things run a little bit faster there’s some UI things that you need to be aware of.” Finally, regarding loading times, he noted that the benefits of a solid state drive are immediately obvious. “If I load a little faster into my Destiny strike than you, that’s maybe my box,” he said (in good humor, of course).

The Xbox Series X is out in the holiday season. It will launch along with Halo Infinite, which is also coming to PC and Xbox One. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, which was revealed alongside the console at The Game Awards 2019, is exclusive to it though a ways off from release.