Xbox Series X’s 12 TFLOPS GPU Is “The Most Important Upgrade New Consoles Will Have” – Disjunction Developer

But more memory “won’t necessarily make a noticeable difference,” as per Erwan LeCun of Ape Tribe Games.

Xbox Series X

Every bit of new information Microsoft have revealed about the Xbox Series X so far has impressed the entire industry at large, and it’s truly looking like the console is going to be a powerhouse when it launches later this year (if it does, that is).

Multiple developers have spoken about the potential of its hardware. Recently, we spoke with Erwan LeCun, co-founder Ape Tribe Games, developer of the upcoming cyberpunk stealth action-RPG Disjunction, and LeCun had quite a lot to say about the Xbox Series X and all that’s been revealed about it so far.

In particular, when asked about the console’s 12 teraflops GPU, he called it “the most important upgrade that new consoles will have.”

“This is the most important upgrade that new consoles will have,” said LeCun. “GPUs make the biggest difference in the graphical quality of games, and the GPUs in next-gen consoles are significantly more powerful than current-gen ones. For AAA games, graphics will continue to improve.”

LeCun, however, was much less excited about the console’s greater memory capabilities. When asked about the Xbox Series X’s GDDR6 memory, he said that while it will be great to have, it ultimately “won’t necessarily make a noticeable difference.”

“Memory is memory – more of it is always good, though for a lot of games it won’t necessarily make a noticeable difference,” he said. “Memory has never been the main bottleneck of consoles in terms of performance, but it’s great to get more of it!”

Disjunction is due out for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC some time later this year, but doesn’t yet have a concrete release date. Our full interview with LeCun will be going live soon, so stay tuned for the whole thing.