Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Sujimon Encyclopedia and Substories Revealed

Meet dangerous foes in the world of Yakuza and catalogue them all.

Yakuza Like A Dragon

Ryu ga Gotoku’s Yakuza: Like A Dragon has a lot going on, from its weapon crafting and Job system to the various minigames and turn-based combat. So why not throw in a pseudo-Pokedex into it as well? Known as the Sujimon Encyclopedia, it’s meant to catalogue the various threats that Kasuga and his party encounter.

After meeting the Sujimon Professor, Kasuga obtains the Sujimon Encyclopedia app. Once you battle various foes, they’ll become registered and you can obtain more information on the items they drop, where they commonly appear and much more. There are 225 Sujimon in total to register.

Of course, Sega also released information on some of the new Substories that players can encounter. These include meeting a legendary underground arms dealer, which requires Kasuga to pass a trial first; battling an enormous version of the SO-ZI cleaning bot; and even reining in a giant bear. It’s just the kind of wackiness you’d expect from the series.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is out on January 16th 2020 for PS4 in Japan. It releases worldwide in the West later next year.