Zynga faces class action lawsuit over 2019 data breach

Zynga is facing a class action lawsuit that accuses the company of failing protect the data of the millions that play its games after hackers gained access to player information through a 2019 data breach.

The class action lawsuit spotted and shared by Polygon was filed by two victims of that 2019 data breach, one of whom is a minor represented by their parent in the filing.

In it, Zynga is accused of failing to “reasonably safeguard” players’ personal information, and of failing to notify players that their information had been accessed and distributed by a third-party in a timely manner.

The data breach in question took place in September 2019 and reportedly saw the data of over 172 million Draw Something and Words With Friends players obtained by hackers, though Zynga itself hasn’t commented on the exact number of people affected by the breach.